Museveni introduces his Chinese daughter to Ugandans at Science, Tech, & Innovation center

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Ben - LIVE
Published on 16.03.2023

President Yoweri Museveni has said no one will cut the operating
budget of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation as long
as he is still the President of Uganda.

He says the government cannot make such a mistake because
Uganda currently needs science and innovation more than before
to achieve the desired Science-Led Socio-economic transformation.
“The plan of cutting 90 percent of the Ministry of Science budget;
I'm not part of it and as far as I'm the President of Uganda, nobody
will cut that budget. I don't know who planned it because we
cannot leave what we should do and do what we shouldn't do; we
need to do more in science rather than less,” Gen Museveni said.
Accompanied by the First Lady who also serves as the Minister of
Education and Sports, Mrs. Janet Museveni, the President made

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the remarks today as he laid a foundation stone for the National
Science, Technology, Engineering And Innovation Centre (NSTEIC)
at Rwebitete, Kiruhura District.

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